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Perioperative Services


CES’s Surgical Instrument Repair and Maintenance Services are focused on increasing physician satisfaction and improving patient care by optimizing the overall form, fit and functionality of your surgical instrument portfolio. To maximize your return on investment, we pair the advanced capabilities of our surgical instrument repair technicians with an instrument maintenance strategy created especially for your organization. CES delivers improved outcomes by utilizing its own internal measurement of performance to track carefully selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We report this data and our analysis of it to you in our Business Reviews.  We repair all powered equipment, stainless, laparoscopic, and ophthalmic instruments. 


CES’s Endoscopy Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services improve physician satisfaction and surgical outcomes by keeping your endoscopic equipment in optimal condition. Proper scope repair and maintenance also reduces the risk of downtime and surgical site infections, and can extend the life of your equipment, preventing unnecessary capital spending.  CES offers  service to rigid endoscopes and camera. You can take advantage of tremendous savings compared to the OEM, with no sacrifice to quality.  We go one step further during our education sessions to help the staff minimize damage to the Endoscopy equipment. 

Mobile Instrument Repair

With a fleet of fully equipped on-location mobile instrument repair labs, CES’s surgical instrument repair specialists are always available to keep your OR operating efficiently. Our specialists perform repairs on a wide range of surgical instruments. In addition, we offer service on case carts and sterilization containers.

Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning Service

Thorough  sterilization begins with a perfectly clean sterilizer chamber.  CES’s Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning service safely and thoroughly removes oxidation buildup.  Regular sterilizer chamber cleaning is recommended by AORN, AAMI and autoclave manufacturers.

CES’s cleaning service will:

  • Increase heating and drying efficiency

  • Reduce occurrence of wet packs

  • Preserve integrity of metal surfaces

  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs

  • Provide a contained work environment for sterile core areas

  • Assure that you are prepared for Joint Commission and other inspections of your sterilization methods