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Minimize Cost With Our OEM Quality Repairs and Strategic Report Analytics

Caylor Equipment Services LLC (CES) is a medical device service and repair partner that arms our customers to make data driven decisions surrounding device lifecycle, capital purchases, sterile processing procedures, and staffing. We provide surgical and diagnostic equipment repairs that meet OEM specifications.  We also provide information and education on repair trends, true program cost, and measurement baselines, which improves outcomes and supply chain efficiencies.

Driven by Data: Our devoted team of prior service individuals is driven to save you time and money with proactive support in managing your repair program with data.

Customer Service: This is the hallmark of our business and we pride ourselves on our customer service.  With industry leading turn times, your valuable assets are returned to service quickly. 

Competitive pricing: Our company avoids excess of any kind, utilizing only necessary components to facilitate our services at the lowest possible cost to our customers. 

Expertise:  We have over 34 years of combined business experience.  Our team members are strategically located across the United States from coast to coast which strengthens our overall awareness to provide us the best capacity to serve our customers.





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About Caylor Equipment Services 

CES is a surgical and diagnostic repair company that has been at the forefront of innovative partnerships with hospitals since we were founded. We guarantee our repairs and your complete satisfaction.

  • Since being founded, our experienced technicians have repaired instruments from every major surgical specialty.

  • CES’s Information System produces specific data from each repair. We save you time and money by proactively assisting in managing your repair program.

  • Our turn times are the industry benchmark so that your valuable assets are returned to service quickly.

  • Service Loaners include: flexible and rigid endoscopes, powered instruments, phaco handpieces, and video equipment. There is no charge for this service.

  • Unlike many independent repair companies, CES seeks to save our customers money by identifying and helping to drastically diminish preventable repairs. Our proactive approach to educating hospital staff is designed to improve the quality performance and lifetime of critical assets.

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